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Getting Started

JSONX is a library that creates React Elements, JSX, and HTML from JSON. JSONX works by converting JSON Objects that follow the JXM spec into the arguments passed into React.createElement. The only required property is the component (which is passed as the type argument)

// React Create Element Example

// Basic JXM
const JXM = { component:'div', props: { title:'jsonx', }, children:'hello', };

// JSONX.getReactElement returns a react element 
JSONX.getReactElement(JXM) => React.createElement('div', { title: 'jsonx', }, 'hello');

// eqivalent to JSX 
<div title="jsonx">hello</div> 


JSONX is great for:

JSONX is not great for:


Customizing JSONX

The JSONX library has a couple of customization options. The library can be customized by setting the configuration on the this property of JSONX methods. The configuration options are:

type JSONXConfiguration = {
  debug: boolean = false; // used to debug component rendering errors, and will send exceptions to the logError function
  logError: (...args: any[]) => any = console.error; // default(console.error) by default will log errors to console.error but you can define any custom error logging function
  returnJSON: boolean = false; // used to return a JSON object instead of React Components
  disableRenderIndexKey: boolean = true; // used to disable auto assign props.key
  boundedComponents: jsonx[]; // array of components to bind "this" to
  componentLibraries: { 
    [index: libraryName as string]: {
      [index: componentName as string]: ReactComponentLike;
  }; // object of custom react components in component library
  reactComponents: { [index: componentName as string]: ReactComponentLike } // custom react components


  { debug:true, reactComponents:{ReactModal}, componentLibraries:{ ReactBootstrap, Antd, } }, //custom options bound to 'this' 
    component:'ReactBootstrap.Container', children:'hello world'

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